Chetna Polytex Private Limited is a reputed manufacturer of various kinds of industrial and surgical tapes, first aid dressings, bandages and plasters. It is founded in 1994 and has 10,000 m² factory area with 75 – 100 employees.

Today Chetna products are sold in more than 10,000 pharmacies, Most of all hospitals in India and at all major supermarket chains .Chetna brands are the equivalent of quality and reliability for the Indian end-user, be it an ordinary man, a nurse or a clinician.

Until the beginning of Chetna Polytex Private Limited has been the leader of the Indian market but now it is exporting our products to other countries as well.

The product range of Chetna Polytex Private limited Includes Medifix (Hypoallergenic Microporous Non Woven Surgical Tape), Medipore (Hypoallergenic Microporous TransparentSurgical Tape, Medistrip, Adhesive Tape USP (Zinc Oxide Surgical Adhesive Tape), and Electrogrip, Royal tack manufactured under the quality of ISI Mark, GMP and DGQA certification.

Chetna Polytex Private Limited has a well equipped laboratory that ensures for continuous product quality. Furthermore, Chetna is also investing heavily in R&D activities.

Our aim is to be the first choice of the patients and clinicians for plasters, bandages and first aid strips not only in India but all over the world.