Orthopaedic Casting Tape
Medicast is a synthetic orthopaedic casting tape which is made of knitted fiberglass or polyester substrate impregnated with water activated polyurethane resin.
The fabric used in the construction of the roll is extensible in all directions, which makes it very comfortable in use. It is moisture resistant, strong, porous, x-ray translucent, durable and can be removed easily. It has excellent mouldability, flexibility, lamination for patient comfort, easy and simple to use.
Unopened Medicast should be stored in a cool dry atmosphere at room temperature 150C to 300C. Higher or lower temperature may affect the shelf life. Care should be taken to avoid punching and damaging the pouch, which will cause the premature hardening of the product. Products should be stored out of reach of children.
1. Each roll should be gently squeezed prior to opening to check suitability for application. The unopened roll should be soft and flexible. Do not use the roll that feels hard.

2. The polyurethane resin could adhere firmly to unprotected skin, hair and clothing, which may cause a mild irritation. So always wear protective gloves to apply and use alcohol or acetone before, to remove the polymer.

3. An uncomfortable increase of heat can be caused during hardening by excessive layering of tape or immersing in water at temperature above 270C.

4. All application should be followed by instructions and directions of a doctor or qualified medical professional.
Standard Size
1 in x 2 yds ( 2.5 cm x 1.8 m)
2 in x 4 yds ( 5.0 cm x 3.6 m)
3 in x 4 yds ( 7.5 cm x 3.6 m)
4 in x 4 yds (10.0 cm x 3.6 m)
5 in x 4 yds (12.5 cm x 3.6 m)
6 in x 4 yds (15.0 cm x 3.6 m)