Cool Gel Patch
1. For each application a new piece should be used. Clean the area before application.
2. Remove MediKool from pouch and pull of transparent sheet from gel side.
3. Apply on clean and dry skin avoiding placing on damaged skin or open wound
4. It can be cut to required size.
Disposable and ready to use without need of freezing. Reduces fever, pain naturally and effectively. Does not leave any residue after removal of product.
Unopened MediKool should be stored in a cool dry atmosphere at room temperature 150C to 300C. Higher or lower temperature may affect the shelf life. Care should be taken to avoid punching and damaging the pouch, which will effect the properties of the product. Products should be stored out of reach of children.
1. Avoid wounded or irritated skin.
2. If symptoms persist, consult physician immediatly.
3. Do not reuse MediKool.
Standard Size
50 mm x 110 mm